Looking back on 2016 and forward to 2017!

I think it amazing how we can start the year in one place and end it in somewhere totally different. The last 365 days have been filled with many wonderful photo shoots, meeting fabulous creative artists, collaborating on some truly epic work and creating some of my favourite photographs. I have had the opportunity to photograph so many amazing people!

The year started out with some wonderful collaborations with Marina Smith showcasing her amazing jewellry! I had a lot of fun working with amazing models and the fantastic Kelly-Jo who always does the best hair and make-up for my shoots! I can't wait to see what we come up with next!!

I also returned to being at craft shows and was able to work with Paige, a super talented graphic designer from Halifax. I had a blast working with her and creating some really unique portraits! I am looking forward all the shows of 2017. 

I picked up teaching again this year as well! Through the wonderful North Woodside Community Centre I have been able to teach a few classes on the basics of photography. Teaching photography is one of my favorite things. There is something so rewarding about showing someone how awesome this medium is! I have had some amazing classes and met some very talented photographers here in Halifax!

And all the photoshoots! So many amazing photoshoots! I joke that this year was the summer of love, I had the chance to witness and capture an engagement shoot, 2 weddings and a vow renewal! It was absolutely amazing!  

In celebration of a year gone by I thought I'd share some of my favourite photographs from the past year! At the start of 2016 I wasn't sure where my photography would take me but as you can see it has been a wonderful adventure! I am so lucky to have photographed so much, I couldn't include everything but here is a snapshot of the year:

Photoshop credit: Paige Cameron on the epic magic in these last two images!

Photoshop credit: Paige Cameron on the epic magic in these last two images!


Thank you to everyone who was in front of my camera, and to everyone who worked with me on these shoots this year! Your continued support helps me keep doing what I love! THANK YOU! It means the world to me! 

May your 2017 be filled with lots of happiness and amazing wonderful adventures! 


Kate and John

One of the really awesome parts of being a photographer is photographing your friends over the years. Kate is one of my best friends and has been a model and inspiration for many of my crazy shoots. We've known each other for...a few years...okay, maybe quite a few now and I was so happy when she met John. He is her perfect match and they are just fantastic together.

I was beyond excited when Kate asked if I would do her engagement photos! This shoot needed to be extra special and a little different. One of the very cool things about Kate and John is that they love drag racing and spend half of their summer on the track. John has been drag racing for a number of years and Kate has now become an expert in the sport! Kate always rocks the 50's bombshell look (and let's be honest, John kinda looks like James Dean) so we decided to bring that look to the track! It was perfect, they were clearly made for that era! 

The second half of the shoot was a bit more traditional and we had a fantastic lakeside cottage location to shoot at. While they love being at the track, Kate and John also love spending time at the cottage which is why we chose this second location. The weather was perfect for both shoots and I couldn't be happier how these shoots turned out.  

Thank you so much to Kate and John for letting me spend the time with you (teaching me all about drag racing! SUPER COOL!)  and photograph your engagement pictures! It is always an honour to capture images of two people that are made for one another! I can't wait to photograph your wedding next year! :) 

Morris Family Photos - Nova Scotia

Back on the Thanksgiving weekend I had the opportunity to photograph the lovely Morris family! Margie and Andrew had just recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and decided to get family portraits in the same place they had originally had their wedding photos taken! This was such a wonderful idea! We even recreated a few images from their big day! 

I had so much fun at this photo session! I've been so excited to share these photos on my blog, I absolutely love how they turned out! As you can see I had many favourites to share! 

Lisa and Kyle's Wedding - Cape Breton, NS.

All of the weddings I have photographed have been special for me. I have always had the opportunity to photograph the coolest and most wonderful couples! But I have to say that Lisa and Kyle’s wedding holds a bit of a special place in my heart.

Lisa has been one of my best friends since I was nine years old. She is like a sister to me. I spent so many years at her house and her family has always welcomed me, walking in the door at the Osborne house always feels like home. Lisa is the friend who has always listened to me, always been there for me and always been the one to come up with crazy ideas that usually lead to trouble. As a kid I’d follow her no matter what she wanted to do and I still would to this day.

I was honoured beyond words that she wanted me to capture her special day. It has been two years since I have gotten home to Cape Breton and this was a wonderful, crazy, amazing weekend. Her family welcomed me back and it was exactly like it was when we were kids. I even fell for the crazy idea of going tubing in the middle of the lake with Lisa two days before the wedding. Thank goodness her new gel nails held up as we got dumped in the lake several times, all thanks to her oldest brother!

Lisa has always been such an important part of my life and the first time she introduced me to Kyle I knew he was perfect for her. His love for her is so clear in every frame I took. They are so perfect together and their wedding was just so beautiful!

I am so happy to share some of my favourite images of the day.   


Hollywood Galmour - Chelsea

It has been a long time since I have posted to my blog! It has been a crazy couple of months filled with many changes! I'll be honest, there has been so much going on that it hasn't left a lot of time for creative projects! Creative projects bring me so much joy and I have really missed planning photo shoots and creating artistic portraits. 

Over the past few weeks I have started picking up the camera more, I went out with a local camera club and photographed some flowers, explored a few beaches and started talking to some other photographers who inspired me to get back in the studio. 

I was incredibly lucky and came across Nextgen Studios (http://www.rentnextgenstudios.com/) here in Dartmouth and decided it was time to create some glamour portraits. The more I thought about the studio the more I wanted to do a classic styled hollywood glamour shoot. As soon as the idea hit I knew the perfect model to ask; Chelsea works at the same office I do during the week and I asked if she might be interested in the project, and she was!

Chelsea is a model here in Halifax and is wonderful to work with! Check out her modeling page here: https://www.facebook.com/ChelseaRoseModel?fref=ts  and give her page a like! She is a fantastic model and I had so much fun photographing her! 

Everything came together perfectly and it was so great to get back in the studio creating beautiful images! Here is the results of my first studio shoot in several months! I couldn't be happier with the images!

Keep an eye out on the blog for more photo shoots! August will be a busy photography month and there are more projects to be revealed! 

Hello from the East Coast!

It has been quite the past few weeks here! Moving, as always, is chaotic and pulls everything out of order. I am slowly starting to put everything back in its place and settle into this wonderful new city.  Halifax is an amazing mix of old and new architecture that makes it a visual joy to explore.  

This move has been one of the major moves in my life and held many, many changes. Some of these changes can be seen on my packages page! There have been several adjustments on my price list along with some package changes. I have removed business portraits and glamour parties from the list but if anyone is interested in either of those two services, please drop me a line and we can discuss them! I am always happy to think outside the package list and work on special sessions for my clients!

I have always been inspired by the countryside of Nova Scotia and am planning on sharing more art work on this blog as well as client work. So, without further rambling, here are some of the amazing beaches I have been exploring these past two weeks! I can't wait to get some models on them! 


I have a slight obsession with the ocean! I know this is just the start of my beach pictures! :) So happy to be close to the coast again!

Erin Legare Photography is MOVING!

Good Afternoon Everyone! 

Lots of big news today! Due to some events in my personal life, and after much thought, I have decided to move myself and thus my studio, to Halifax, Nova Scotia! 

I am very sad to be leaving Kingston and have really enjoyed my time in this beautiful city. I have made lots of friends, met many wonderful people and learned so much in the year that I have called this city home.

I am here until the end of August 2014 and then will be relocating back to the maritimes. If you have ever wanted me to take your portrait now is the time to contact me! I am taking bookings right up until the day that I move.

I will be disconnecting my business cell phone as I start to wrap up things here in Kingston. So, if you are looking to book with me, please contact me via email (erinlegare@gmail.com), the contact page on my website, or through Facebook. 

What does this mean for people in the Maritimes? After the first week in September I will be taking bookings in Halifax and the surrounding area! If you are in Cape Breton OR Fredericton and are interested in hiring me, PLEASE contact me! I am available for travel and will work hard to take jobs across the maritimes! 

There will be some changes to my packages and prices, so keep an eye out for those in the next few weeks!

I also have a number of creative projects that I want to work on in the next little while so I will be looking for models, hair and makeup artists, and locations! And because this is a photo blog and this has been a lot of text here are some of my favourite images from Nova Scotia! I look forward to capturing more! 


I am just a mix of emotions these days, while I am very sad to be leaving, part of me is very excited to move back near the ocean! While I have visited Halifax many times, this will be my first time actually living in the city! Bring on the adventures! 

Food Photography: Bay Jam Caribbean Cuisine

Through starting my own business I have met a lot of wonderful business owners in various fields. Charmaine Blair, owner of Bay Jam Caribbean Cuisine, is one of these business owners. Charmaine and I took the same small business course and this is how I came to learn about Bay Jam Caribbean Cuisine.

I am about to go on and on about how awesome the food is and I'll admit, I do work part time in the kitchen there when I am not doing photography. But trust me, the food is amazing! There isn't one thing on the menu (and yes, I have tried everything...) that I don't like. It is all fantastic! 

So, if you are in Kingston, Ontario and haven't checked out Bay Jam yet, get down to 41 Montreal St. and have one of these amazing dishes! Bay Jam's facebook page can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/bayjamcuisine and their website is: http://www.bayjam.ca/

Here are some images that I took for Bay Jam's menu, small descriptions are under each photo: 

Left: Macaroni Pie - basically macaroni and cheese but better!   Right: Roti - these awesome pastry wraps come with curry chicken (one of my favs), curried goat or curried potato! 

Left: Macaroni Pie - basically macaroni and cheese but better! 

Right: Roti - these awesome pastry wraps come with curry chicken (one of my favs), curried goat or curried potato! 

Left: Fried Plantain - alI can say is yum! I love plantain! It is fried lighting in oil and then served.   Right: Jerk Pork with plain rice - this is a slightly spicy, amazing dish. If you want it hotter all you have to do is ask! The cooks are amazing at spicy dishes! 

Left: Fried Plantain - alI can say is yum! I love plantain! It is fried lighting in oil and then served. 

Right: Jerk Pork with plain rice - this is a slightly spicy, amazing dish. If you want it hotter all you have to do is ask! The cooks are amazing at spicy dishes! 

Left: Jerk chicken with rice and peas and steamed vegetables. Rice and peas are the main side dish items usually come with, but you can always sub in something else for them.   Right: Jerk chicken with steamed vegetables and sweet potato. Also, very tasty!  

Left: Jerk chicken with rice and peas and steamed vegetables. Rice and peas are the main side dish items usually come with, but you can always sub in something else for them. 

Right: Jerk chicken with steamed vegetables and sweet potato. Also, very tasty!  

Left: Buljam - a salt cod dish with onions and tomatoes. This one is served with squash (seen here) or dumplings.   Right: Curry chicken with rice and peas. This is another one of my favourites. 

Left: Buljam - a salt cod dish with onions and tomatoes. This one is served with squash (seen here) or dumplings. 

Right: Curry chicken with rice and peas. This is another one of my favourites. 

Left: Jamaican Patty, with beef, chicken or vegetable filling. These are so good and I end up eating them way too often, but they are so good.  Right: Hot Slaw - a slaw that is hot. This dish is cabbage and carrots with some spices, it is a fantastic side!  

Left: Jamaican Patty, with beef, chicken or vegetable filling. These are so good and I end up eating them way too often, but they are so good.

Right: Hot Slaw - a slaw that is hot. This dish is cabbage and carrots with some spices, it is a fantastic side!  

These are just a few of the amazing dishes down at Bay Jam! Now I am hungry and looking forward to the next time I am downtown! Come on in and check it out, great atmosphere, staff and food! If you are in Kingston go out and try it now! 

Fun with Sage Flowers!

I had met Jen, the owner of Sage Flowers a while back and have been following her amazing work ever since! I caught up with her a few weeks back and she invited me over to watch her build some beautiful bouquets. I had so much for watching her work and looking at all the wonderful flowers she has! It was also so wonderful to talk with another small business owner!  

I had so much fun photographing while she worked! I really wanted to share some of my favourite images from that day but wanted to wait until after the lucky bride received the flowers she was working on!  

To see more of her work check out Jen's facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sage-Flowers/500678933318211?ref=br_tf She posts beautiful pictures of her work so make sure to take a look! 

Jen has so many amazing flowers! I took lots of pictures but here are a few of my favs! I can't wait until the next I get to photograph more of her amazing work!!


Family Portraits: Tips and Ideas!

It is starting to get greener out there and family portrait time is upon us! I thought I'd share some of my tips for family portraits as I gear up for this awesome and fun season! 

First Tip: Props! 

Posed family photos are nice but a portrait session is a great opportunity to capture your family at that particular moment in time. Why not bring a few props that mean something to your family to have some fun after the posed classic images?

Is your family a bunch of bookworms? Bring along some books to the shoot to have some fun with! Or, are you more of a sporty family? Bring a ball to play catch with, or a basketball to shoot some hoops at a park! 

You could even go on a picnic! This is one I did just last year with a young family and it was fantastic! If you have an idea always tell your photographer, pintrest is a huge thing now and I always tell my clients, if you have seen something you want to replicate show me and we will adapt it for your family. For this shoot I brought the basket and they brought the blanket, it made for the perfect shoot: 

Second Tip: Forget the Camera and Enjoy the Day!

Photography is all about capturing memories. While with your photographer, play and have fun with your family! Unless you are doing posed shots just ignore the camera! Going to a park can make this really easy to do, it gives you the chance to run around and play with your family and get some great candid shots of everyone just having fun!

I find that going to the park is especially great if you have smaller children. They do some posed portraits and then get to have some fun. They quickly forget about the camera and you get some wonderful images of them in the moment. 

Third and final tip: Have Fun and Play! 

A big theme for this post is having fun and playing around. That is because it makes for great photos! Capturing all the little moments are what I love about photography and are what I feel makes an image timeless. Don't be afraid to play or be silly! Having fun and enjoying the day is what you will take away from the shoot each time you look at the photos. My goal is for my client to smile every time they see their photos, for them to remember that day, that moment, and look back upon it fondly. Personally, I think this is what makes images priceless and keeps us sharing them with various generations of our families, we relive those happy moments again and again, sharing that little piece of time that has been captured. 

For the month of June I am offering 20% off all Family photos! Give me a call at 343-363-3533 to book a session, send me an email at erinlegare@gmail.com or click the contact button at the top of the page and drop me a line! 

Lets all get out there, play in the sunshine and capture some awesome memories in 2014! 

Artist Collaboration with Face It Transformations!

It has been a busy few weeks here in Kingston! I have done a few collaborative shoots with some fantastic people in the area. Today I am featuring the project done with Leslie Wandell from Face It Transformations! If you haven't seen Leslie's other work them check out her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Face-It-Transformations/177309452352352 which is filled with her lovely art!  

I met Leslie back in the fall and we discussed doing a collaborative project, then I started entrepreneurship courses and things got really busy. I contacted Leslie a while back to see if she was still interested in a collaborative project and to my delight she was! A month or two ago I came up with the idea of painting wings on a model's back to make her look like an angel or a faerie who was about to go to a masquerade and knew a body painting shoot would be perfect for the idea. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love teen novels and I am pretty sure this came from a bunch of random teen books I have read or shelved during my time at Chapters! 

Like any project there are some parts that just don't work as planned. Originally I had once specific dress in mind, I searched high and low for it but just was not able to find the right one. In the end we used my old prom dress which fit our beautiful model perfectly! The final image turned out even more lovely than I had imagined which is always an amazing thing! 

I had such a great time working with Leslie and really hope that we can collaborate on another project in the future! Here are some images from the shoot: 


This last image is probably one of my favourites. I LOVE my 50mm 1.4 lens, the shallow depth of field is amazing. 

I am so happy with these images! Beauty portraits are so much fun. Hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday! :) 

Glamour Portraits: Ashley!

Happy Monday everyone!! I know usually there isn't a whole lot to be excited for on a Monday so here is a beautiful shoot to brighten up the day! 

Ashley is absolutely beautiful and was so easy to photograph! Every image was wonderful and it was hard to choose the best images from the session. I am so happy to be able to share these images on the blog today.

This was my first shoot with a new backdrop I had made from layered fabric and lace. After speaking with Ashley about the shoot and discussing colours and dress types, I knew that the lace backdrop would be perfect for the shoot! I think she looks stunning in all the images and that the lace really matches her lovely dresses! 

A big thank you to Ashley for modeling for me!! I am so happy with these images! Have a great Monday everyone! 

Glamour Portraits: Megan!

The past few weeks I have been showing a few images from Megan's beautiful photoshoot and today is the day to share the rest of them! I just love these pictures! When planning this shoot I knew we had to have a tropical background for Megan and some bright warm colours! 

With a little research we found a greenhouse that was close by and this made for the perfect tropical destination. It was a cool day outside so walking into a spring like atmosphere was wonderful! When we first walked in the plants reminded me of a scene from Jurassic Park, thankfully we did not see any raptors...

Here are a few quick snaps of the beautiful plants! (Aren't those leaves HUGE?)



And here are the beautiful pictures of Megan! 


Megan is always a beautiful model and I had a wonderful time photographing her! While doing this photo shoot we came up with an great idea for another shoot which will be done hopefully in the near future. Locations have been scouted already and it will be another colourful and bright shoot, that's all I'll say for right now, the rest will be a surprise!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!! 

Project 52: Tell A Story

It has been a while since I posted an image for my project 52! This particular challenge was to tell a story. I had been working on another idea for this one but it just wasn't turning out quite right. So, when I had the chance to photograph the lovely Megan I knew I was going to create one image specifically for this challenge.

We did this photo shoot in a greenhouse location, it was a bit tricky but we had a lot of fun and there were lots of great pictures taken. On location shoots are usually a bit of an adventure and this one was no different! We dodged around people and tucked ourselves in a corner so that we would be out of the way and started photographing! 

For this challenge I wanted to have her looking out a window as if she were waiting for someone and about to go somewhere special. 


I love black and white photos and don't create them nearly enough as I would like, and so for this challenge I turned the image black and white. I find black and white has a more timeless feel, and that is what I was hoping to portray when looking at the image. 

I will be posting images for the rest of the photo shoot next week, and those will be in colour! There was lots of greens, sunlight and bright colours in the greenhouse that were fantastic! It made me long for Spring which I hope is getting closer! 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Winter Portraits: Kate and John

After the very cold red dress photo shoot we warmed up and then went back outside (properly dressed for the weather!) and took some pictures with Kate and her boyfriend John. They are an adorable couple and very photogenic! It was still very cold out so we headed to Queen’s University and took some pictures indoors where it was a bit warmer.

Kate and John were awesome and did agree to do a few photos outside between buildings! I love winter for couples shoots, I think it makes a beautiful backdrop. The softly falling snow makes for a magical feel to couples portraiture.

Kate and John are so perfect together, it was hard to choose which images to put up but here are just a few of my favourites! 

**Just wanted to note that I accidently deleted this post when working on the website, this might read a bit differently than the previous post! :)**


They are just so darn adorable!!! Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I do! 

Glamour Portraits: Kate and the Red Dress

I am so happy to share more of the images from Kate's photoshoot! She looked stunning in her red dress out in the snow, the images turned out exactly like I had imagined them. I have photographed Kate many times over the years and this might be one of my favourite shoots to date. 

I had mentioned before that it was a really cold day out. Kate was fantastic and let me photograph her in 2 different locations. Some of these images were taken down by the water at the bottom of Queen's Campus and then there are a few on Queen's Campus. I think Queen's has such amazing architecture and I am very much hoping to photograph there again.

Without further ado here are some of my favourite images from Kate's shoot! 


And to end here is one of the behind the scene shots! I made sure Kate had a nice warm blanket so she didn't get too cold! 

Even though we tend to want to hibernate in the winter, this is a beautiful season which makes for some unique photographs! Outdoor glamour portraits at this time of year take a bit more planning but I am always up for the challenge! 

Project 52: Challenge # 4: Negative Space

This project 52 has been a bit harder than I first anticipated. Originally I had wanted to do one project a week but other photography work has made this a bit difficult. I feel this is a pretty great problem to be facing! One thing I have realized is that I want to make each of these images the best that they can be. So, for that reason I am going to do all 52 projects this year but they will not have a specific deadline. Some weeks might have one or maybe two if I am really ambitious while other weeks might just be studio work. This way I can focus on making these projects the absolute best they can be.  

Incase anyone is wondering how I am getting the 52 ideas for these projects they are from Lindsay Adler's Creative 52, here is a link to this awesome book: 


This is a fantastic book for any photographer who wants to challenge themselves and come up with new images. I find the more creative I am in my personal work the more creative I can be with client work. One of my goals in photography is to make each photograph unique and creative in its own way. 

I was trying to do the projects in order but I always end up flipping to the next project and coming up with ideas for that one instead of the one I am on. My creative side just refuses to do things in order! So, while I am still working on project 3, I am going to share project 4 today which is focusing on Negative Space:

KateRedDress 05232012004.jpg

When I came up with the concept for this image it was the negative space that I really wanted to emphasize along with the colour. I love how it turned out, it was almost exactly what was in my head. Kate was as always, a fantastic model and we got a lot more than this one image. I'll be sharing the rest of the images from her shoot next week but this is the one image that kicked off the ideas in my mind.

I also can not stress how awesome Kate is! It was around -20 plus wind the day we did the shoot. Not seen in this image is the blanket we wrapped her up in between pictures! The wind was especially bad for these first images as they were down by the lake. A big thank you to her for putting up with the cold and this crazy photographer! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

Winter Maternity Session: Kayla and Steve

A few weeks ago I had the chance to photograph Kayla and Steve who are expecting a new baby in a few months! This was my first time doing maternity pictures out in the snow and I love how they turned out! Thankfully the cold and snow wasn't too bad so we were able to wander and enjoy the winter wonderland around us! 

We went to a few different locations and finally went inside to warm up and get some photos indoors. When you scroll through the pictures you'll see another family pet that was included in the images, seems I am getting a trend in my photo sessions! 

Here are a few of my favourites from the session:


Glamour Portraits - Kimmy

Here are a few beautiful portraits of one of my oldest friends. I've known Kimmy since we were 9 years old and it was a lot of fun to do some glamour portraits of her. 

I love glamour portraiture because it celebrates our individual beauty and I think this is something that needs to be done more often in our busy lives.. There is something special about dressing up, doing makeup and taking fashion styled images. I think it is important for us all to remember to take some time just be fabulous. 

Kimmy looks stunning in these images, I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do. 

Kimmy's kitties were extra helpful when doing the photoshoot! Diamond just had to be included! 

Kimmy's kitties were extra helpful when doing the photoshoot! Diamond just had to be included! 


I love these images of Kimmy and I can't wait to do more glamour portraiture! This was such an amazing and fun shoot. :) 

Project 52: Week 2: Creating an image based on a single colour

So, if anyone looks at the date they might realized week 2 is a bit late. Originally I had something else planned for this week but it didn't quite work out the way I had envisioned. So, I went back to the drawing board and chose to shoot this image instead:

Project52 - Single Colour 05102012020.jpg

And I love it! This one turned out even better than I had imagined! For months I have wanted to do a particular art project that I had found months ago and just never started it. This week's challenge mishap gave me the push to finally shoot this image and now I can't wait to start the project. 

I will post pictures of the art project when it is completed later.

Have a great Monday! More on the blog later this week!